Health Packages

Routine Checkup

CBC, LFT, KFT, Blood Sugar Fasting
& pp, Lipid Profile, TSH,
Urine Routine

Total Test : 60

Market Price: Rs.2930 | Our Price: Rs. 1400

Complete Health Packages

Blood Sugar Fasting / PP,LFT, KFT,
CBC, TSH, ECG, Ultrasound, Urine
Routine, Lipid Profile.

Total Test : 68

Market Price: Rs.3500 | Our Price: Rs. 2000

Base Line Package

CBC, ECG, LFT, KFT,Blood Sugar Fasting
& PP, S.Cholestrol,USG Whole Abdomen,
Thyroid Profile

Total Test : 40

Market Price: Rs.4250 | Our Price: Rs. 2200

Executive Package

CBC,LFT,KFT,Blood Sugar Fasting & PP,
Lipid Profile,Urine Routine, USG Whole
Abdomen, PSA/PAP Smear,ECHO

Total Test : 58

Market Price: Rs.6380 | Our Price: Rs. 3300

Senior Citizen

Blood Sugar Fasting / PP, Lipid Profile,
LFT, KFT, CBC, UrineRoutine,
Microscopy, Vit D3, B12.

Total Test : 61

Market Price: Rs.4780 | Our Price: Rs. 2300

Wellness Profile

Blood Sugar Fasting / PP, T3, T4, TSH, Hba1C,
KFT, LFT, Lipid Profile, Urine R/M, CBC,
Vit B12, Vit D3, Calcium.

Total Test : 63

Market Price: Rs.6120 | Our Price: Rs. 3000

Chronic Pain

CBC, Ca, Vit D, B12, CRP, Phos,
RA Factor, Urine Acid.
(USG L/A at Rs. 700, TVS at Rs.1000)

Total Test : 21

Market Price: Rs.4000 | Our Price: Rs. 2500

PCOD Pannel

Free Testosterone Prolactin, LH,FSH, CBC,
Insulin Fasting, E2, TSH, DHEAS.
( USG L/A at Rs. 700, TVS at Rs.1000 )

Total Test : 22

Market Price: Rs.6370 | Our Price: Rs. 3100

Complete body check up

Sugar fasting/PP, CBC, Blood group, Lipid profile,
LFT, KFT, HBsAg, Thyroid profile, Vitamin D,
Vitamin B12, Urine routine & microscopy.

(for all individual who need general check up
weather suffering from disease or not)

Comprehensive Whole body
check up*

Sugar fasting/PP, CBC, Blood group, Lipid
profile, LFT, HBsAg, Thyroid profile,
Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Urine , outine
& microscopy, ECHO cardiography, ECG,
USG whole abdomen, PAP Smear in
females & PSA in male.

Cancer Detection Program
for Women

PAP Smear
USG – Breast
USG – Whole Abdomen with TVS.

Special Package @ Rs.2600

For Bank

Having Fatty Liver? / Altered Lipid Profilr?
/Uncontrolled Sugar? / Indigestion?

Get Your-Liver Screening(on usg), Lipid
Profile, Sugsr F/pp Liver Function Test

Market Price: Rs.1800 | Our Price: Rs. 700

For Aviation

For Cabin Crew Painful periods / Irregular
Cycle /Facial Hair Growth / Acne/

Get Checked – For Poly Cystic Ovaries
Usg, TSH, Prolactin, FSh, LH.

Market Price: Rs.2400 | Our Price: Rs. 1900

Pre Medical Checkup

Cabin crew must have a valid
Pre medical certificate.

Get Checked – Usg Whole Abdomen,
Lipid Profile, Lft.

Market Price: Rs.2800 | Our Price: Rs. 1500

*  for all healthy people/people who sufferingfrom thyroid , blood pressure/sugar, cardiac problems above 35 yrs of age.