For Aviation Sector People Regular Medical Checkups

DIC Offers Special Health Checkup Packages for Aviation (Airline) Employees (all Male and Female), Ranging from Pilots to Cabin Crew to Ground Staff. We also have special Pre testings for Pilots for their annual flying health certificate’s pre checkup so that any health problems can be found out before the DGCA annual health checkup for flying fitness

Routine Checkup

For Cabin Crew Painful periods / Irregular
Cycle /Facial Hair Growth / Acne/

Get Checked

For Poly Cystic Ovaries Usg, TSH
Prolactin, FSh, LH.

Market Price: Rs.2400 | Our Price: Rs. 1900

Pre Medical Checkup

Cabin crew must have a valid
Pre medical certificate.

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Usg Whole Abdomen,
Lipid Profile, Lft.

Market Price: Rs.2800 | Our Price: Rs. 1500