IUI Center in Delhi

DIC conducts the IUI procedure which involves the placing of sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate the fertilization. We aim at increasing the number of sperms reaching the fallopian tubes & hence increasing the chances of fertilization through this IUI procedure. It also includes the separation of the fast-moving sperm from a non-moving sperm.
DIC takes the patients to have a pre-IUI workup before starting this process. Through this workup, we analyze if the patient has a good health by assessing the hormone levels to evaluate its range & also by checking if the women’s uterus can support a pregnancy. We start the patients on ovulation drugs while monitoring him/her with ultrasound or blood test by which we can get an idea about the best timing for the injection of the sperm.
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DIC’s procedure for IUI:

For Male Partner:

The male partner will provide a sperm sample which will be washed and prepared for the removal of toxic chemicals that might be present in the sperm. These chemicals can cause an allergic reaction in women hindering the pregnancy. We aim at minimizing the chances of cramping by washing the sperm.

For Female Partner:

IUI will be performed between the day 12 and 16 of the monthly cycle. We suggested the female partner to have the blood tests or urine tests to identify when she is about to ovulate.
Our specialists will first insert a speculum into the woman’s vagina to keep its walls apart. The woman is given a hormone injection to stimulate its release as soon as an egg is mature.
We finish the whole process in a few minutes without even the pain. The woman is suggested to take some rest for a short span of time as some may experience the cramping.
We recommends the IUI only when it has been confirmed that the woman’s fallopian tubes are open and healthy that will be checked by a tubal patency test. We also may suggest for the sonography or x-ray etc. To check the fallopian tubes for blockages.
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