What is Pap Smear Test or Pap Test

In Pap Test a test of Sample of the cells from Woman’s vagina is taken. This test is used to look for the changes in cell of vagina that is used to find out the cancer or the conditions that may leads to the cancer. We at Diagnostic and Imaging Center has the best labs for Pap Smear Test in Dwarka. This cervical cancer can be cured if detected earlier.

How Pap Smear Test in Performed in Dwarka

This test is carried out during a pelvic exam. The doctors use a device named as speculum to widen the vagina opening so that vagina and cervix can be examined. The cells of vagina are collected with the help of small brush
and plastic spatula. After that the solution is send to the labs for further testing.

How Painful this Pap Smear Test is?

This test is not painful but you may feel little uncomfortable during Pap Test.
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