Semen Analysis in Dwarka, Delhi

DIC conducts the Semen Analysis in Delhi to determine the infertility of a man, including a series of different tests for the evaluation of the quality & quantity of the sperm. Our specialists recommend this test only when a couple has a fertility problem, if the male factors are involved then we start the semen analysis to evaluate the feasibility of using reproductive technology for pregnancy.
It is generally a sperm count test which helps in analyzing the health and viability of a man’s sperm. We analyze the three main factors during this process : the number of sperm, shape of the sperm & the movement of the sperm. DIC conducts two or three different sperm analysis to get a good & accurate idea of the sperm’s health & conducts the tests at least seven days apart from the full course of two to three months.

DIC’s advice for the preparation of Semen Analysis.

The patient must have to avoid ejaculation for around 24 to 72 hours before the test, he also have to avoid the alcohol, caffeine, drugs, has to stop taking any of the herbal medications, hormone medications etc to get the better results from the test.

Advice for getting a perfect sample:

DIC suggests to keep the semen at body temperature & it must be delivered to the lab within 30 to 60 minutes of leaving out of the body.
DIC also focus on neglecting these situations so that we can avoid the negative affects of the test:

  • Contact of semen with spermicide
  • Conducting of test when you are ill or stressed
  • Inexperienced lab technician
  • Contamination of the sample

DIC focus on the sperm shape, its movement, pH level, volume, sperm count, liquefaction & appearance of the sperm as well for a better conclusion & recommend for the suitable way of treatment. So if you are looking for Follicular Tracking Semen Analysis in Dwarka, Delhi then contact DIC.